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Basic changes to make home safer

Here are some general guidelines for modifying your family member’s home after a stroke. – Minimize clutter so it’s easier for him to move through each room and find what he needs. – Position furniture in corners or against walls. To prevent bumps and bruises, you can apply foam padding to sharp corners and edges. You can find corner bumpers in the childproofing section of your local hardware store. – Use duct tape to secure electrical cords against the walls or floors so they aren’t a tripping hazard. Never use staples or nails — these can damage cords, risking electric shock or fire. – Make sure lighting is bright enough, especially over stairways or other potentially hazardous areas. Replace light bulbs regularly. – Install the appropriate flooring. If the stroke survivor is in a wheelchair, you’ll need to replace thick or shag carpeting. If he uses a walker or has a hard time walking or balancing, low-pile carpeting might be better than slick hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring.

Swallowing test post stroke

Many people who have had a stroke can find it difficult at first to swallow normally – they may cough or choke in the early days of their recovery. Difficulty with swallowing (or dysphagia) happens after a stroke because the brain doesn’t activate muscle reflexes at the back of the throat quickly enough, so that food or liquids pass down the throat into the larynx and/or lungs – in other words they can ‘go down the wrong way’. It can be frightening when swallowing doesn’t work automatically, but many things can be done to help, and most people recover their swallow in a couple of weeks. Usually, people who have had a stroke are watched carefully as they swallow for the first time and will only be given a small sip of water to see what happens. Tests are carried out by a Speech and Language Therapist. If you have any questions regarding your safety of swallowing, please contact us for more information.

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